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Mission of the Expert Committee on Pension Reform, Czech Republic

The Expert Committee on Pension Reform has been set up based on the Coalition Agreement and the Policy Statement of the Government of the Czech Republic under the auspices of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Ms. Michaela Marksová, and the Minister of Finance, Mr. Andrej Babiš in 2014. The Committee has to assess the status and developmental trends of the Czech pension system in terms of demography, sociology and economics and to prepare proposals for such a follow-up in the pension reform that will stabilise the pension system in the long run, be acceptable across the political spectrum and shall be adopted also by the public. Therefore, members of the Committee have become experts in the aforementioned fields, representatives of the coalition and opposition parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, social partners and representatives of civic and professional unions and associations. Committee’s meetings attend also representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other institutions.

The Expert Committee shall consider such modifications to the pension system that will result in appropriate and dignified pensions, promote the principle of merit and straighten transfers between a family and a society. Specifically, this will relate to:

  • mechanism of a periodic assessment of the retirement age setup;
  • indexation mechanism that ensures appropriate and dignified amount of pension income throughout its payment;
  • method of termination of the system of pension savings (i.e. Pillar II);
  • setup of parameters of the pension system leading towards reinforcement of the principle of merit without any negative impact on the welfare of pensioners;
  • changes in the parameters of supplementary pension systems in order to encourage forming of long-term savings for retirement (i.e. Pillar III);
  • such transfers among citizens, families and the state mediated by the pension system that will ensure a balanced status of all types of households.

As past experience show, it will by no means be easy to find a necessary broad consensus. There is assumed a good will and willingness of all the involved to carry out an open and competent dialogue.


Proposals Submitted by the Expert Committee


Final report on Activities 2014 – 2017

Final report on Activities in 2016

Final report on Activities in 2015

Final report on Activities in 2014


Mandate of the Expert Committee

Statute of the  Expert Committee

Rules of Procedure of the Expert Committee



Martin Potůček (Chairman of the Expert Committeee on Pension Reform)

email: potucek@fsv.cuni.cz


Markéta Havelková (Spokeswoman of the Expert Committeee on Pension Reform)

email: marketa.havelkova@mpsv.cz

phone: +420 778 530 673

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